How lockdown unlocked my potential


A father, husband, athlete and author Sipho Marima was born in South Africa Limpopo in a town called Giyani in the earl 90's. Growing up I always believed in the idea of doing what is right and what you are told to do, that has always been what I thought was key to achieving my goals. I never understood the difference between average and extra ordinary, the fact that these two things are separated by "hard work". I never believed in the power of the mind. Writing this book has made me realize that I've never really been a hard worker until I was in lockdown, I have no one to blame for my past failures. If only someone had told me earlier in my life that I had so much potential in me that needed to be unlocked. In this book I share a story, a story that helped me prove to myself that there's potential to be anything we want to be in all of us, we just need to unlocked it. In this journey I learned how to remain positive even when situations do not allow me to be. This book is not about running, it is about unlocking the potential in you to be anything you want to be.