Arola: A journey into 10 Ancient African Civilizations


Contrary to what is taught at many schools the world over, Africa’s history did not begin with the coming of Europeans into the continent. This book by the legendary Zakes Mda, aims to correct that false notion. As the author has said elsewhere, “It is important for the African child, both on the continent and in the diaspora, to internalize a new mindset that we have not always been slaves. Our history does not begin with slavery and colonization.” Ancient Africans built empires and civilizations that were respected in all the known world, and whose legacies remain to this day. Our story traces Arola’s journey as she goes back in time to visit ten of those civilizations. Though the journey is fictional, the ancient places visited are reconstructed as accurately as possible using available research, including ancient writings, works of art and architecture. Although the book is targeted at middle grade and young adults, it is of interest to readers of all ages. All will indeed find it very entertaining while they learn facts on Africa’s contribution to humanity