Intelligence isn't enough- Carice Anderson


Intelligence Isn’t Enough will empower Black professionals, entering the workforce or already at work, teaching them to survive and thrive in the corporate environment. Anderson, with vast experience at top companies as a professional development manager and coach, shares her knowledge. Insider status has given her access to revelatory industry trends and insights on the harsh realities of corporates. Often, Black professionals struggle the most and become demotivated early on in their professional lives as they lack the necessary skills, most of which aren’t taught at university.

This book will help Black professionals strategically perform in their careers. The author uses her own experience as a mentor, teacher and researcher, as well as the advice and personal anecdotes from 30 successful Black leaders to guide the reader.

By mastering the balance between working on versus working in your career you can start making more strategic decisions critical to your success and advancement in the workplace.