Warriors, kings and queens of Africa


Assemble Kings, Queens & Warriors of Africa: We Are Here To Praise You!In this his first volume of poetry, author Abdul Mogale paints his words with the same impressive beauty as the landscape in which they are set. By virtue of his ancestry – the enduring Royal House of Mojadji – he takes up the mantle of praise poet and speaks eloquently on behalf of the royalty and eminent champions of his people.Dedicated to his grandfather, a gifted traditional doctor, these are stories of deeds, histories, events, and the emotional journeys of his ancestors. Traditionally passed down from generation to generation orally, Mogale uses cultural diplomacy and diverse language to bridge the gap between spoken and written texts. Just as the praise poet was the eyes and ears of the community, the author takes his turn to be the official mouthpiece of the nation and “milk with the herders, harvest with the farmers, (make) merry with the happy, give birth with the mid-wives and mourn with the bereavers”.This collection brings to the fore the rich insight of African leadership, military organisation and the role women played in the making of the Africa we find ourselves in presently, thus demystifying the myth that Africa is an oppressive patriarchal society.