Prisoner to the streets


It started as a Tottenham/Hackney beef. A decade later it s claimed over one hundred young lives from knives and guns.

Hackney boys had no respect for Islington boys. It wasn t like they were going to argue about whose endz it was. They weren t on our level. The only surrounding area we had respect for was Tottenham. We didn t have much ratings for Leyton, Walthamstow or Stratford. We were full of ourselves. We had to keep up this bad boy image. Maintain the hype.(from PRISONER TO THE STREETS)

Written by the boy who was there when it started, Robyn Travis, this is the real story of the postcode wars. Robyn grew up right on the borders when it kicked off in Hackney, E8. For the first time ever he tells his story and his part in it - the fights, the stabbings, the shootings. The story that has never been told.

I aint no gangsta. YOU might think so. That's not WHO I WAS on road. I more saw myself as a 'BAD BWOY'. A teenager who AIN T HAVING IT FROM NO ONE, going on like a RUDE BWOY to stop YOU f***ing with me. This kid spent nuff TIME ON ROAD. Raised on the border of HACKNEY and TOTTY. Caught in the crossfire. I ain t trying to be NO HERO, I just want to stop YOU from making as many BAD CHOICES as I did when I was a YUTE MAN. So be not offended. WHATEVER S SAID IN THIS BOOK STAYS IN THIS BOOK. This was me back in the day. I'm a couple years older now. I don't feel that way no more. NOW DAYS I RESPECT LIFE AND DEATH. I got love for all you brothers and sisters affected by this POSTCODE STRUGGLE. So journey with me into my past. NO FRONTING. Just honesty. See HOW THE POSTCODE WAR STARTED in Hackney, Holly Street and Fields. LIVICATED TO ALL MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS WHO WANT TO BE FREE FROM OUR STREETS.