The cursed touch- Raashida Khan


Sondra is a powerful executive for whom career is paramount, at the expense of all else, including her husband and son. When an ill-considered affair with John, an intern, leads to him taking his life, the fallout is catastrophic! John’s grieving mother, Hannah, uncovers the truth, and a confrontation between the women results in far-reaching consequences. Overnight, Sondra’s charmed life vanishes, and it seems that she is cursed to ruin everything she touches. Alone and in despair, she is forced to confront her past – a past she has denied and sought to bury, along with the girl that once was. Grieving and depressed at the loss of her beloved son, Hannah is angry and bitter. She blames Sondra for John’s irrevocable decision and for her being left all alone. John was the perfect son, yet he hid the affair and his feelings of despair from Hannah. But … if he could keep secrets from her, he must not have trusted her, or she must not have known him at all. Shattered, Hannah turns away from God and the world. A death brings Sondra and Hannah into each other’s lives as adversaries, but their quests for truth and understanding reveal more than they bargained for. Are they ready to live with what they discover?