Made to serve


You can help visionaries by design to reach their uttermost in service. Explore your real freedom as gifted to help others accomplish their vision. Consider each day as a precious moment to serve God by serving His leaders and people. Accept your ‘ministry of helping’ heartily as a significant placement into service for the Lord's glory. ‘Made to Serve’. You follow Christ knowing that you are intelligently made by God for a huge mission. You have been made to serve by intent with your persona and skills to fit into God’s scheme. Serving and helping as a calling is neither below you nor above you, but rather a divine thrust into the greatest adventure of your life. So, it must be regarded as a great occasion to participate in God’s blueprint to minister to this broad world with its many needs.

Ezekiel Mokwele Katiso Mathole is a pastor, educator activist and coach with a PhD in Theology from UP. His vocational path over years stems from education, community development and into ministry engagement. He is one of the Bishops serving at Grace Bible Church. He frequently speaks at various seminars and conferences.