Empowered-Vee Kativhu


From experiencing grief and leaving her home country of Zimbabwe for the UK, to attending disruptive state schools and working long hours to support herself and her mother, Vee Kativhu has faced much adversity. But through personal experience, she has triumphed, using her experience to help underprivileged and underrepresented people from all over the world recognise their own talent and achieve their goals. From graduating from Oxford and becoming a Harvard grad, to building an online community of over 260,000, Vee has become an icon and inspiration to young people in need of a boost of confidence, motivation and practical life advice. Drawing from her inspirational journey, Vee will teach you how to: - Set your life goals, career aspirations and actually achieve them - Stay motivated in the face of rejection and hardship - Learn from your mistakes - Take chances, live your best life and don't let hardship define you - Make the best lemonade the world has ever tasted when life throws rotten lemons at you - Cultivate feelings of self-love and self-empowerment This book will inspire you how to live a more fulfilled, motivated and empowered life in everything you d