I just wont quit-Nobom Mkondweni


The saying goes, "Life is about choices," and we make choices from a very young age and when we look back we realise that we could have made better choices had we known what we know now. In this memoir, Nobom Naledi Mkondweni shares events about how she has made a lot of bad choices with most of those landing her into trouble. This is a true memoir about a woman who goes through many troubles and feuds in her lifetime, but ultimately gets through all of these by keeping her faith and trust in God. Sometimes we may feel that our lives are just endless amounts of struggles no matter how much good we do or how hard we try. These hardships may make it difficult to find any good in life or to find the will to keep going. However, there is always something to be grateful for – a lesson that Nobom has learned well in her life growing up in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Nobom is continually getting into trouble, often because she is manipulated by others or by sheer bad luck. From an early age, Nobom has had battles. Sometimes, these were physical fights, often when she was defending herself or others such as when she attacked a boy who hit her sister. Other times, they were losing battles she could not control, including four of her cars that were stolen or robbed. And still, once, it was a battle for her life after a terrible accident that she somehow managed to survive in a mysterious miracle! Nobom's true story in her very own memoir describes how she learns who to truly trust, including other people, herself, and—above all—God.