Forced to grow-Sindiwe Magona


The author tells her story, which has had a lot of strife in her native land. She is a black woman in South Africa, during the unrest, and aparthid. The story does tell how she helped the black movement in South Africa. The story also tells of a woman who leaves the raising of her children to her mother and her neighbors. She works, which is what many women do all over the world, however, she also leaves her children in the poverty and descrimination to take several trips out of her country, eventually getting a Master's degee in the US. We don't hear the story of the children, who are left in a black neighborhood, without electricity or indoor plumbing. We do not hear of the conditions they live in. We do hear of her going to school, of going to developed countries to continue her education, while her children are left behind, with no schooling, as the schools were not able to keep going during the unrest. Yes, she did work for what she got, but while she was being flown around the world to conferences, most of the people of her country were living on much less per year than her air fare.