How many ways can you say goodbye ?


One of the super-quick ways that you can celebrate all the different ethnicities in the world is by learning some of their languages. Regardless of how much you learn, just taking that time to speak in somebody else’s tongue goes a long way toward promoting understanding and empathy. With all the languages that make up South Africa, this is especially true. And here’s a pair of books that will spark this good habit right from an early age.

With this new charmingly illustrated story in rhyming verse, Sara and her friends learn how to say goodbye in all eleven official languages as they travel across South Africa in a hot air balloon, completing the journey they began back before they all knew how to say hello in every language. As they drift peacefully between the sights that the country has to offer, they also must stop to drop off each of their friends at their homes along the way… which means they’re all going to need to know how to say goodbye!