Yakhal' Indoda


Themba Limba is an honorable man who respects the culture of his people - a man who is recognized for making a valuable contribution to society and held in high esteem by his community. He is a family man, caught between his flourishing career as a teacher and municipal councilor in the township of Sekunjalo, and his overriding sexual interests. Because the heart can be misled by temptations, he turns his back on his cultural values. His appetite for sexual conquest leads to his downfall, and his unscrupulous actions result in tragic consequences. Will shedding tears help him? If one takes into consideration all the strong patriarchal philosophies associated with the black traditional and modern society, it is normally expected that a man should never cry. This Xhosa adaptation of When a Man Cries (UKZN Press, 2007) has been described as an excellent rendering of the story. With good use of language and a casual style, the story flows freely and reads very easily.