Jesus our philosopher


“Modern communication, improved with ancient wisdom” L. Wagensveld★★★★★

What if there was a better way to communicate with the people around us? And what if Jesus could show us the way? Our days are filled with communication. Talking, listening and understanding are at the core of the human experience. Whether we are at work, with our family or the people of our community, the way we converse with those around us shapes our experiences, for better or worse. So how do we learn to talk and listen to achieve the best possible outcome? The answers are simple: Jesus has already given them in His example. In his own communication, Jesus was able to discern true motives and respond thoughtfully and logically. Through Him, we can learn to make the most of every conversation. While we often turn to the words of Jesus to answer our theological questions, there is also much wisdom that can be applied to many other parts of our life. We respond to God spiritually, with overflowing hearts but so many of us neglect our minds. In a time when the world is full of conflict and unending arguments, the examples in this book encourage the reader to push past knee jerk reactions and fallacies to apply our minds to what our neighbours are truly saying and respond with kindness, understanding and wisdom.