Go Tell The Mountain - James Baldwin


Go Tell It on the Mountain has a nonlinear structure. The story takes place during one twenty-four hour period, but contains extended flashbacks which cover a period of over 70 years. The novel is focused on John Grimes, but narrative voice shifts between characters' perspectives, allowing access to the thoughts and reminiscences of John's father, mother, and aunt.11 The novel is divided into three parts, with the second part further subdivided into three: "Part One: The Seventh Day", "Part Two: The Prayer of the Saints-Florence's Prayer", "Part Two: The Prayer of the Saints-Gabriel's Prayer", "Part Two: The Prayer of the Saints-Elizabeth's Prayer", and, finally, "Part Three: The Threshing-Floor". The first and final parts mainly follow John's thoughts with glimpses of the thoughts of others, while the sections in Part Two mainly follow the thoughts of the character for whom they are named.